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January 21, 2012

Keri’s Point of View

When you’ve been dating someone for several years, people start asking you if wedding plans are in the near future. Your close friends may even try to speculate the proposal date.

My friends had a couple years worth of proposal predictions. With each vacation or weekend trip we went on I would get the question:

“Oooh, you’re going away…do you think this might be a special trip?”

And every time there was a reason why the trip would be special but not special:

“We’re going with friends.”
“It’s a family trip.”
“I don’t think a Vegas proposal is quite his style (or mine).”

Then one day in early October, Dave suggested a weekend getaway to a cute little cabin near Mt. Rainier. I’m not gonna lie. I immediately thought, “This could be special.” But I wasn’t about to let on. So I kept my nose in my book, tried not to make eye contact or let him see the ridiculous grin on my face, and told him it sounded like a great idea.

When I told my friends about our weekend plans, that familiar question came up one last time. It was the first time I had no excuses. When my response was that it might, in fact, be a special trip. The excited girl shrieks commenced. In the two weeks leading up to our weekend getaway I spent a lot of time thinking about the trip: What will I wear? Should I get a manicure? What if I’m getting all worked up for nothing? What if it’s a special weekend but not a special weekend? My friends were just as bad. I found out after the fact that my friend Tara had made dinner reservations, for the following week, to celebrate our engagement on the Thursday before our weekend getaway because she was so certain it would happen.

As the weekend got closer I tried to get my expectations in check. It was going to be a fun, relaxing weekend and if I just happen to receive a marriage proposal, fantastic!

When the Friday afternoon of the big weekend had finally arrived I left work with a couple of requests for phone calls should anything “noteworthy” happen. On the car ride over I started to second-guess my proposal prediction. By the time we got to the cabin I had convinced myself it was going to be a special (no italics) weekend. Dave was acting too normal. It wasn’t going to happen.

The cabin was adorable and cozy. After settling in, I asked Dave if he wanted to play a game of Scrabble. After the game I decided he definitely was not going to propose. So I put on some comfy yoga pants and started to make dinner. As I started getting things ready for dinner, Dave went off to the bathroom, for like the fifth time in two hours. Strange? Yes. But social norms encourage us not to inquire about such things. Maybe he had bad Mexican food for lunch…

When he got back from his most recent trip to the bathroom (if you’ve read his side of the story: the fifth time he had put the ring back in his pocket) he was acting really weird. The cabin was a studio style layout and the bed was next to the kitchen area. Dave had come back and sat down on the edge of the bed. The fact that he didn’t offer to help make dinner was unlike him. After a couple of one-word responses I walked over to him. He was super nervous and I could hear his heart beating from half a foot away from him.

“YES!! This is totally gonna happen!” I thought.

Dave got down on one knee and apparently held the ring box upside down but I didn’t notice through the tears. I obviously said, “Yes!!!” Then he proceeded to tell me how hard it was to keep this a secret for months. I laughed and cried as I heard about the months leading up to the proposal: He told me that his damaged car tire that he blamed on a parking attendant was actually caused by Dave hitting the curb at the jewelers after getting my ring. He told me where he had been hiding the ring and how paranoid he was that I’d find it. He told me that he had taken a day off work, gone to Bremerton and asked for my mom, dad, and brother’s permission two weeks beforehand (he’s classy like that!).

I spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and having fun with the love of my life and staring at my ring! He did good. It was a very special weekend and I look forward to spending many more years of special moments together.  Heart

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